"I was able to achieve higher than my goals."


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Dear Carolyn,

It was a pleasure attending your parent meeting last night.

I am very proud to say that while driving home last night, Samantha was explaining to my husband and I that she has a project due next week, and she told us that she went to see her teacher yesterday and asked her if what she planned so far was correct. Both my husband and I secretly looked at each other and were elated. YEAH!!! She is using the knowledge obtained in your class and is starting to apply herself. We praised her for taking the initiative to go and see her teacher. I thought of sharing this good news with you, as I am sure Samantha did not mention her progress to you.

Thank you for your inspiration.



"It was from your help and interest that I learned how to help myself. Through you was I able to gain self confidence and learn a sure fire method of studying that suits me."

-Barbara Cooke


"The students who have already taken the ‘Study Skills Program’, have definitely improved their organizational skills, overall study habits, productivity and feel better about themselves.

Their teachers have seen and commented on the significant difference they have observed in these students’ classroom performance."

- Connie Cugno, Resource Teacher


From: Ryan
To: carolynmelmed@sympatico.ca
Sent: Thursday, June 01, 2006 8:13 PM
Subject: News from Ryan

Mrs. Melmed I do not think you understand just how big an influence you are in my life. How to put this in words? You have completely turned my life around, literally. You were the spark that ignited the fire of my success. Had you not been there to help me well... God knows where I would be... Through your classes you have put me back on track. Mrs. Melmed thank you. From a person that appreciates what you have done.

Thank you
Enough, here is what you really wanted to see ;-P
My average is on the left and the average of all Sec. 3 is on the right.
Math enritched....85%
Phys. Ed.............86%
French, written....83%
French, oral.........98%
French, reading....74%
Overall average....86%

You know what I will not give you the average of all of Sec. 3.

There is no need to compare, I am very happy about my grades and that is all there is too it. Wonder who I learned that from?

Thank you, love Ryan

From: George
To: carolynmelmed@sympatico.ca
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2006 12:45 PM
Subject: Testimonial

In May of last year, my son was talking about suicide again. School was stressful, too many projects and endless homework. He could never get ahead of himself and was constantly working late to get things finished. Our home life was stressed because he shared his negative energy with everyone and was not pleasant to be around.

At the heart of it, my son really wanted to succeed. In August he came to me and asked for help getting organized. He wanted to start the year off well and would I follow him to make sure he did what he had to do. Since that's what my wife and I had tried to do for 8 years already, I felt we needed more help. The Children's hospital recommended Mrs Melmed.

Mrs Melmed was a doll. We both learned from her. She has so much energy and spirit and my son felt it all directed at him. How could you not pay attention and want to please her.

What I liked about Mrs Melmed's approach was that she didn't insist on doing everything her way. She would say, "If you're doing something now and it works well for you, then keep doing it." She would then work around some of my son's established procedures and tweak them with suggestions or a well placed question.

His current plans for next year are to be on the football and soccer teams in the fall, the hockey team in the winter and lacrosse and pre-football in the spring. And he's considering joining the gala next year for the year-end show. On Saturday he asked me if I thought he could learn the guitar by next April. He doesn't see any limits anymore.

I really wanted to get his story across because Ryan is really a changed person. I am deeply appreciative to you for your efforts. Once again I thank you. Please feel free to contact me if anyone would like to discuss this with me.


Hello Carolyn,

On this Mothers Day, I send you my sincere appreciation for all that you  done for Jason !  I am so grateful to you.  At Jason's most crucial time  in his school life, without fail, you were always there.  
I am delighted to say that Jason is very happy and the results are fantastic. Have the happiest and sweetest Mothers Day ever !

With heartfelt thanks,

Lana and Jason  ♥

Hi Carolyn,

It was so nice to bump into you today, after so many years.

My mom remembers you and the course. She also remembers the dramatic difference it made in my life. She says that once I finished the course and started using everything I learned, she stopped fighting with me about school work. I went from being a bad student to almost straight A's. She also says its the main reason that I am so organized now.

Best regards,


Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for your good teaching yesterday.

I wanted to share with you that after our workshop I came home and saw Daniel studying with 2 pieces of paper folded in 4 just like you showed him. As it turns out he has 2 tests today that he was preparing for. I asked him if he learned that trick last week....he said “No today.” Wanted to share with you how quickly that method has been integrated! High five!

Marie-Claude Giguere

Hi Carolyn,

I was raving to my girlfriend about your seminars. I wish they'd had it when I was in school...


Royal West Academy Parent
November 2012

Hi Carolyn,

Thank you for the very informative session last week. You are a very inspirational speaker and I was very I interested in hearing about your own experiences as a parent.

I want to thank you again for the effort you put into these sessions. We will no doubt be in touch in the near future.


Dear Mrs. Melmed,

So nice to get your news.

Alex is now 16 and is in Grade 10 at Selwyn. Last year he was a high honours student and he continues to do very well. He is incredibly organized and very, very neat. It is obvious that he learned a lot of good things from you!

With best regards,

Diane Chenier

Dear Mrs. Melmed,

Justin is now 16 and is in Grade 10 at Selwyn. Last year he was a high honours student and he continues to do very well. He is incredibly organized and very, very neat. It is obvious that he learned a lot of good things from you!

With best regards,


Dear Mrs. Melmed,

I strongly endorse this Study and Organizational Service. The program is well structured, interactive and easy to follow. It motivates all who are exposed to it, be they children or adults and promotes active learning and the taking of personal responsibility. Moreover, these study and organizational skills are life skills , not limited in any way to the classroom. In our world of today where lifelong learning is so critical to success, this practical program can benefit one and all.

E.J. Stotland Rosenberg, educator/school administrator

Subject: Organization and Study Skills Workshop

Dear parents and partners in education,

I would like to thank you for attending the workshop by Carolyn Melmed last Thursday evening.  I think it was both informative and worthwhile.

Your children are fortunate to have parents who take the time to support them in their education and help them be successful in school.

Kind regards,

Evelyne Alfonsi
Gardenview Elementary
700 Brunet
Ville St Laurent, Quebec
Tel: 514-744-1401

"I just wanted to extend my utmost gratitude for having you all participate at this years career fair. You helped make it memorable and exciting for all who attended.

- Suzie Horvath, CLC Coordinator/Teacher, Hebrew Aacdemy

This is Michele, we met at the Career Fair yesterday. I just wanted to say that I was privileged to hear you twice and was truly impressed. I even learned! It was a pleasure to meet you, and thank you,

- Michele Shemie, Teacher, Hebrew Academy